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Alzheimer Patient Abused on Camera

Seniors who suffer from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are at great risk for being abused by nurses and nursing home staffers.

Why? Because they are often unable to fight back and because they are often unable to report the abuse. Even when physical signs of abuse appear, such as bruising, bleeding, or broken bones, it can be difficult for loved ones to prove that physical abuse took place or that specific parties were responsible for the abuse.
One way that some family members keep a close eye on the wellbeing on the elder relatives is with the use of Granny Cams – hidden cameras that can be placed in a nursing home resident’s room in order to prevent or capture abuse.
In Texas, Granny cams are legal as long as the patient is aware of the recording, as long as any roommates are aware of the recording, and as long as the nursing home itself if aware of the recording. If your elder loved one or their roommate is not able to give consent to the taping themselves, a legal guardian or power of attorney holder may do so.
Why are Granny Cams useful, even if you are required to alert the nursing home of their use? Hidden cameras can actually stop abuse from happening in the first place if employees and staff members know that they could be filmed. In addition, hidden cameras can allow you to stop being worried or suspicious that abuse is taking place. Finally, if abuse is caught on tape, the evidence is absolutely submersible in any following nursing home abuse court case.
Where can you get a Grammy Cam? Hidden cameras are available at a number of retail outlets and on the internet – in a variety of forms and at a range of prices. Again, just be sure to inform all parties before beginning use.
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