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What are the laws regarding nanny cams and other hidden cameras in Texas nursing homes and retirement homes?

Nanny Cam in a Nursing Home
Laws on Video Surveillance

Placing a loved one to a nursing home is a reality for many families. These facilities usually have nurses and caregivers whose duty it is to take care of the needs of their residents. However, there are few rotten apples in the system, and nursing home abuse is an unfortunate reality for some. Reports of mistreatment and cruelty have been widely reported in the media with such cases rising with each passing year. If you have a parent or loved one in a nursing home, this can make you feel powerless and scared, leaving you scrambling for solutions.
Surreptitious (hidden) video recording is a popular topic when it comes to nursing homes. In Texas, the law actually specifically allows you to do this. This way, you can come up with hard evidence detailing any mistreatment you might find. Armed with this evidence, you’ll be able to approach a lawyer for legal assistance so you can file a lawsuit against the nursing home.
Mistreatment in a nursing home can take on many forms. For example, a dementia patient who needs round-the-clock care may be subjected to taunts, shoves, name calling, slaps and other form of abuse by people who were supposed to care for her. This can lead to injury or even wrongful death. By placing a hidden camera (IE: nanny cam) or audio device in your loved one’s room, you can document the mistreatment and bring the culprits to justice.
It’s important to note that despite the fact that Texas allows covert video recording, there are certain conditions which need to followed:

  1. The nursing home needs to be given prior notice.
  2. The nursing home needs to be released from liability for violation of the resident’s privacy rights.
  3. Written consent from the resident’s roommate (if applicable).
  4. Assumption that the person installing surveillance will be responsible for the cost of installation, maintenance and internet access by the resident.
  5. There needs to be a conspicuous note with the room, time and date stamps showing that the room is being monitored.

Your loved ones deserve a high level of care taking into account their privacy and comfort. If you suspect that someone you know is being mistreated in a nursing home, please get in touch with us for a free consultation so we can help you get justice and compensation for you and your family.

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  1. We put in request for survellance camera and nursing home never got roommates guardian the form to sign so they say we can’t do it. IS that against the law what can we do short of getting her into another nursing home.

  2. Why post a sign? It defeats the purpose. If they know there is a Camera in the room they for sure won’t do anything wrong. Also what about the patients who don’t have Cameras in their rooms, or family to check on them? I’m not just concerned about my Father but every patient in the Facility. If you catch that bad person on Hidden Camera then you won’t have to worry about them mistreating another patient.

  3. The Nursing home is supposed to get permission from the roommate’s Legal guardian. If not you can ask the roommates family member to sign the form or Report them to the State. They can not keep you from getting a Camera. Most often the roommates family will want it as well. Please don’t give up the fight for your Loved one.

    • I will tell you the nursing home will make sure your family member has a roommate that doesn’t want a camera. I’m fighting with a nursing home now. But I have done enough research that I keep them on their toes. Know what your rights are and your family member rights are by state.

  4. Should a patient’s visitors be advised their visits are being recorded?

  5. If people are worried about their loved ones care why don’t they visit more or take them home!

  6. i have been 24/7 with mom for 8 months,with several family members help, and now the home says they want people to leave at midnight and return next day…..the bad apples dont even do there job while your there, i constantly have to go find them to give the scheduled care, and they get an attitude about it, i cant imagine the neglect while no one is there to watch out for mom…she is totally helpless, bedridden, cant move….while im there to avoid the neglect, i see it being done to the roommate whom no one visits much..and now im keeping up with her care too…these are horrible places.

  7. We visit every day but cannot stay 24/7. Our family member needs special care we are not qualified to give her. There are often special circumstances so it is unfair to make a statement like that.

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