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Chainsaw Accident Lawyer

While chainsaws can be very useful for both personal and commercial purposes, the potential danger is obvious.

Chainsaws can make many jobs easier, but it’s important to use extreme caution and follow all recommended safety guidelines.

In spite of the dangers associated with using chainsaws, there is no license or formal training required to purchase and/or own one. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report there are about 36,000 people injured every year by chainsaws, with the most common injuries being to the hands, legs, and feet.

Chainsaw Accident Lawyer
Chainsaw Accident Injuries

One serious danger associated with the use of a chainsaw is “chainsaw kickback.” This happens when the teeth of the chainsaw become caught on something, and the blade “kicks back” toward the user forcefully and causes an injury to the eyes, shoulder, head, hand, neck, or other areas of the body.

Protecting yourself from the dangers.

Anytime you use a power tool, you should do so with extreme caution. This should begin by reading the owner’s manual completely and making it a point to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper and safe operation. It’s always a good idea to invest in an operation and safety course before using a chainsaw.

One of the best ways to minimize chainsaw injuries is to wear safety gear and protective clothing. Some of the most common safety gear recommended during the operation of a chainsaw includes the following:

  • Protective chaps
  • Gloves
  • Protection for the ears
  • Hard hat
  • Steel-toed boots
  • Protection for the eyes

It is also important to check the Consumer Protection Safety Commission site to ensure there are no recalls on the type of chainsaw being used. If an injury occurred due to a defective chainsaw—including flawed safety features, poor design, lack of adequate warnings, etc—you likely have what’s known as a product liability claim against the manufacturer.

Causes and prevention of injuries and fatalities.

On April 24th, 2009, the CDC published “Morbidity and Mortality Report.” This report focuses on the causes of chainsaw accidents with the main cause being the lack of proper training and cutting practices; not only by professionals, but also novice consumers.

The main focus of the report involves the natural dangers of performing tree work. Many more professional tree workers and homeowners are seriously injured or killed while working with chainsaws. The fact that professional tree workers receive minimal training is a major contributing factor. Injuries can be reduced within the industry if these companies provide proper training in job performance and use of power equipment.

The real danger lies with DIY homeowners who attempt to do more than they are capable of doing without considering the danger. The use of proper safety equipment can reduce of eliminate these types of injuries for both homeowners and professionals alike. In addition, the use of proper equipment can also go a long way toward preventing kick-back occurrences and resulting injuries.

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