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There are an estimated 60 million dogs living in the United States and about 5 million dog bites are reported each year in America. While some dog bites are truly accidents, and while others are incited by humans, other dog attacks are due to the negligence of a dog’s owner. Luckily, if you own dogs as pets, there are a few easy steps you can take to ensure that you and your pet do not become the center of a Texas dog bite lawsuit.
•    Train your dog well. A dog that is obedient is far less likely to act out – and far more likely to listen to your commands if it does ever escape or attack. Start training early, and use the guidance of a good dog training book or a local puppy training class.
•    Keep your dog fenced. A large number of dog bites take place in Texas after a dog escapes its yard and wanders the neighborhood. Make certain that you have a sturdy fence to keep your dog in and people out. While tethering your dog will keep it in your yard, it won’t stop children from approaching your dog (and at a time when your dog is feeling vulnerable).
•    Before adopting, test your dog for aggression. Some dogs sadly have abusive pasts and could already be aggressive when you bring them into your family. Be sure to test your dog for these traits before bringing it home. Is it possessive about food or toys? Is it easily frightened or surprised?

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