Injuries Caused by Natural Gas Explosions

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Gas Line Explosion Lawyers in Texas

Natural Gas Line Explosions

Natural gas is produced all over Texas, and it is estimated that over a quarter of the country’s gas supply comes from the Lone Star State. While natural gas is an important part of our economy, it can be a dangerous substance if the pipes carrying it are compromised in even the smallest way.



Natural gas is highly flammable, and gas line accidents usually involve large explosions which happen in the blink of an eye, causing widespread carnage, wrongful deaths, and catastrophic injuries. You're likely familiar with the Atmos pipeline problems in Dallas recently, which caused an explosion that killed a 12-year-old girl.


The reality is that the vast majority (some would say all) gas explosions can be attributed to human negligence, meaning that just about every single case was entirely preventable. Had someone done what they were supposed to do in a professional capacity—with safety in mind—a gas explosion never would have happened.


You need to discuss your options with an attorney.


We know you're likely overwhelmed right now, but understand that our Dallas lawyers are here to help. We want to help you and your family recover the compensation required to pay for your existing and future medical bills, ongoing treatment, and lost wages. We also want to make sure that changes are made as a result of this incident that serve to prevent similar events from injuring or killing others in the future.


Natural gas line explosions can occur due to a variety of factors, and the specific facts surrounding your case will play a major role in determining who was liable for the accident, what duties were owed to you, and ultimately, how your case is pursued. Gas explosions which occur on the job site may involve workers' compensation, explosions caused by equipment failure generally fall under product liability law, and some types of gas explosion accidents fall under premises liability law.


Because these types of accidents are often very complex, the best advice I can give you is to discuss the facts of your case with an attorney who offers free consultations. Our law firm is happy to review your case—as long as it occurred anywhere in Texas or Oklahoma—over the phone at (214) 617-1886 or by email using the contact form on this page. If we feel that you have an strong case, we'll offer our services on a contingency-fee basis (no-win no-fee).


Not only does a contingency-fee agreement ensure that you never risk a penny of your own money to pursue a claim, it also ensures that you get an honest assessment of the strength of your case. Since we only earn a fee on cases that we're able to win, it would make no sense for us to accept a case we didn't feel has a fair chance at trial. During your initial consultation we'll do our best to explain your legal options, answer all of your questions, and address your specific concerns.


Common injuries suffered in natural gas explosions.


Natural gas explosions in Texas usually lead to fatalities and serious injuries—some of which can have a lasting affect on the rest of your life. The extreme temperatures and all-engulfing flames can cause third degree burns in the matter of seconds, which often leave disfiguring scars.


Other injuries often associated with gas line explosions:


  • Head trauma from falling structures at the time of the explosion
  • Hearing loss or inner ear damage from the loud sound of the explosion
  • Burns to the throat and lungs
  • Broken bones as a result of being thrown off the ground due to the force of the explosion
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to the distressing images one sees during and after the accident
  • Amputations due to debris around the explosion hitting one’s body


Not only do you deserve enough compensation to pay for medical treatment and future surgeries, you you deserve to be compensated for your pain and suffering, disfigurement, lost wages, diminished earning capacity, and more. Our goal is to seek compensation for every penny you're entitled to.


Let us help you.


Natural gas explosions lawsuits in Texas aren’t easy to win. Gas companies are billion-dollar entities with armies of attorneys who are ready to shoot down any and all claims. They know how to use the law to deny, deflect and delay, and will do anything in their power to frustrate you in your journey towards compensation. Our job is to advocate on your behalf and shield you from these unscrupulous tactics.


By working with an experienced personal injury law firm in Dallas such as ours, you’re more likely to get the compensation you deserve. Don’t go it alone; call us today at (214) 617-1886 for your free and confidential consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.


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