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Education and Training Goes a Long Way in Preventing Drowning Accidents

According to a report by the CDC, almost 6,000 people are treated every year in United States emergency rooms for instances of nonfatal “submersion injuries.” According to the same report, an average of 3,880 US adults and children die every year because of drowning. Among children age 4 and younger, drowning deaths most commonly occurred in swimming pools.

Teach Your Child About Pool Safety
Teach Your Child Pool Safety


The CDC goes on to recommend that people take the time to get adequate training in swimming. Proper swimming lessons teach more than a few basic strokes. From good swimming lessons, children and adults can both learn how to keep themselves alive when they become exhausted in the water. Panicking is a very common reason that people end up dying when they start to drown. With the proper skills and training, children and adults both stand a better chance of surviving an incident where they end up exhausted or otherwise helpless out of the water.
Another recommendation is that swimming pools are properly protected. Swimming pools, while they are designed to provide a fun and healthy way to get some exercise, are also extremely dangerous. Make certain that, if you have a swimming pool, you have a high fence around it or that access to the yard in which the pool is located is tightly controlled. It is possible to end up being sued if somebody drowns in your swimming pool because it wasn’t properly fenced off. Make sure that anybody who gets access to your pool without your permission has to do a lot of work to get there so that you cannot be sued for negligence.

Planning ahead.

In the summer, neighborhood swimming pools tend to be very busy places. Private swimming pools, of course, will also be in full use, which means that there are some very real hazards out there for children. Make sure that your children do take swimming lessons and make certain that you let them know that they are never to go into a swimming pool without an adult present. If you have a swimming pool, make sure that it is safe for children.
If your child or you were injured in a swimming pool due to someone else’s negligence, contact an attorney. Swimming pool accidents can result in significant expenses for the affected individuals and, because of that, negligent parties that set up a bad situation to begin with need to be held responsible.

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