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The top 5 risks of being on other people’s property.

When an individual is injured or has suffered fatal injuries sustained from slips, falls and other accidents on other people’s property, it can present serious consequences for the landowner. For instance, if a person slipped and fell because there was no indication that the floor was wet, injuries can occur. Businesses as well as residences are all common areas where slips, falls and others accidents can occur. These accidents can result in premise liability claims for victims who suffer injuries or death due to negligence. The five risks on other people’s property are:

  1. Slips and Falls – When people slip and fall on other people’s property, the landowner becomes liable for any accidents that occur. According to an article on Reuters, torn carpeting, flooring changes, inadequate lighting conditions and wet floors are main culprits of slips and falls. People can also suffer injuries from slip and falls from poorly maintained sidewalks and falls resulting from rain, ice or other hazards.
  2. Elderly people are especially prone to slips and falls. In an article by the National Safety Council, more than 21,700 Americans died due to results of falls in 2007. In the same year, another 7.9 million senior citizens suffered injuries that required medical help. Falls are the leading cause of deaths among adults 73 and older.
  3. Dog Bites – Individuals who are bitten by dogs on other people’s property can receive bite marks that leave lasting scars or even suffer death. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, a vast majority of people bitten by dogs require medical attention. The number of children who are bitten by dogs is significantly higher than adults.
  4. Negligent Security – When people are assaulted, beaten, raped or robbed on other people’s property serious consequences can erupt. Practical steps a business owner can take to avoid any harmful incident from happening include training employees on how to handle criminal activity and maintaining adequate insurance coverage.
  5. Unsafe Buildings – To avoid risk when entering certain properties, look and observe to see if the building is located in a high-crime area. A quick glance at your surroundings can indicate if there is questionable criminal activity happening nearby. Try to frequent places where there are well-lit parking areas, surveillance cameras and other security devices and adequate exits.

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