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IKEA Store Injury Lawyer Dallas

Were you injured in an accident at the IKEA store in Frisco Texas?

Every day, many people are injured in department stores in circumstances that could have been easily avoided. These injuries usually arise from slip and fall accidents, falling items due to stock disarray, and more. These injuries can range from minor to life-threatening, and could even require a lifetime of treatment, physical therapy and pain management.

IKEA Store Injury Lawyer Dallas
Personal Injury Accidents at IKEA

Here’s a list of common injuries arising from slip and fall accidents:

All these injuries usually require immediate medical treatment. In addition, the injured person may be looking at a few months of rehabilitation – the cost of which can run from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. If the accident was caused by negligence on IKEA’s part, you’ll need a dedicated personal injury lawyer to work with you in order to seek the needed compensation to pay for your medical bills as well as any pain and suffering you may have endured.

What the law says.

Slip and fall accidents are governed by a host of laws which touch on the responsibility of a store owner in relation to the victim. According to the law, a store proprietor owes you a certain duty of care to keep you free from harm by making sure that the environment is kept safe in a reasonable manner at all times.
On top of that, retail stores are required to make sure that there are clearly laid out signs to warn patrons of any known hazards so that they can take appropriate measures in order to avoid them.
Slip and fall cases are usually handled under premises liability law. Here’s a list of some of the conditions that may lead to a slip and fall injury at the IKEA store in Frisco, Texas:

  • Spills on the floor
  • Icy walkways and steps
  • Lack of proper warning in areas that are being constructed or renovated
  • Tears in carpets which may lead to people’s feet getting snagged.
  • Chipped flooring
  • Debris left on walkways

You, as a customer, are owed the highest duty of care.

When it comes to a slip and fall lawsuit in Texas, your “visitor status” plays a very important role. Under Texas law, visitors to a premises fall under any of the following three categories:

  1. A licensee
  2. An invitee
  3. A trespasser

You’re considered a licensee if you enter the IKEA store with the consent or permission of the store owner or landlord for no business purposes (or for your own benefit), despite the fact that the property (or area of the property) is not open to the general public. The law states that the store owner is required to warn a licensee of any known hazards or dangers that may result in a slip and fall or any other kind of accident in a clear and reasonable manner. That being said, he is not obligated to fix or inspect known defects.

IKEA Slip and Fall Attorney
IKEA Slip and Fall Attorney

On the other hand, you’re considered an invitee if you enter the IKEA store with the express or implied permission or invitation of the store owner for the benefit of both you and the property owner (e.g. retail customer). In these scenarios, the store owner owes you the highest duty of care, and is required to use reasonable care at all times to make sure that hazards are taken care of as soon as possible and that the environment is safe for invitees at all times. This includes warning visitors of any known premises issues, and actively conducting inspections of the premises to uncover hidden dangers.
A trespasser is someone who doesn’t have permission to enter a premise. A property owner does not owe such individuals any responsibility when it comes to discovering premises defects and hazards within their vicinity, but they are still obligated to use ordinary care to warn these individuals of any known deadly conditions that exist in their environment once they discover the trespasser.
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