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Baby Powder Cancer Lawyer in Dallas

Have you been diagnosed with ovarian cancer after years of using talcum or baby powder for personal hygiene?

Studies have shown that women who frequently use baby powder for feminine hygienical reasons are putting themselves at an increased risk of developing ovarian cancer. Our Dallas attorneys can help you seek financial compensation for the detrimental effects this illness has had on you, as well as your family. Call us at 1-877-405-4313 for a free consultation.

Baby Powder Cancer Lawyer in Dallas
J&J Baby Powder” (CC BY 2.0) by JeepersMedia

Millions of women have used talcum powder as part of their after-shower feminine hygiene regime for years—if not decades. This is something that had been hammered into the heads of many women thanks to decades of aggressive advertising by Johnson & Johnson, claiming their talcum powders (e.g., baby powder, Shower to Shower powder, etc.) as safe for daily feminine hygiene use.

The debate whether or not talcum powder causes ovarian cancer began in 1971 when scientists discovered talc particles in more than 75 percent of the ovarian tumors they investigated. In 1982, a Harvard researcher reported a link between talcum powder and ovarian cancer and shared this information with Johnson & Johnson, who conveniently ignored it. Since then, several additional studies have also found an increased risk of ovarian cancer among women who regularly applied talcum powder to the reproductive area or to sanitary napkins.

As a result of these findings, and because companies like Johnson & Johnson failed to adequately warn consumers of this risk, thousands of product liability lawsuits have been filed across the country in the past few years alone. These are not women looking for a “quick payday,” these are women who are fighting for their lives simply for using a product they were repeatedly told was absolutely safe.

While Johnson & Johnson has tried to defend itself and their talcum products from these claims, stating that there is no direct evidence that these two are connected, the door has effectively been blown wide open. Companies like J&J have vigorously defended these claims in court, but juries in the past two years alone have frequently ruled in favor of the plaintiff (victim) and have already awarded hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation.

Woman awarded $417 million in talc powder lawsuit against J&J.

In August of 2017, an LA jury awarded one woman $417 million after finding Johnson & Johnson liable for failing to warn her (as well as other consumers) about the risk of their talc products. The woman, Ms. Eva Echeverria, had reportedly used baby powder for feminine hygiene from the time she was 11 years old. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer nine years ago, and her tumor had reportedly grown to the size of a softball. Ms. Echeverria testified from her hospital bed, near death, stating that she never would have continued using the product had J&J placed a warning on the product.

While this particular verdict was eventually overturned a few months later in October of 2017 (and a new trial was granted), J&J has already been ordered to pay out millions to other claimants. Over 4,000 individual claims are currently awaiting trial, and this number is only rising.

Claims against Johnson & Johnson.

Plaintiffs allege that Johnson & Johnson failed in their duty to warn its consumers regarding the increased risk of cancer following the long-term use of their product. All J&J would’ve had to do was place a warning on their product alluding to the increased cancer risk, but they apparently decided it was not worth risking a decline in sales. Plaintiffs also alleged that J&J has systematically covered up evidence and distorted the truth regarding this cancer risk for over 20 years, putting thousands—if not tens of thousands of women at risk of developing ovarian cancer.

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