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Have you suffered injury due to a transvaginal mesh implant? You may be able to recover significant compensation through a product liability claim or lawsuit.

A transvaginal mesh is a device implanted into a woman’s vaginal canal in order to treat certain issues resulting in the pelvic floor weakness. In some women, childbirth and genetic predisposition as well as stress can impact pelvic floor muscles, leading to issues such as rectal prolapse, pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence.
Transvaginal meshes have been in use since the 90’s. However, it wasn’t until the last 5 to 6 years that manufacturers of these devices started taking serious the complaints and reports about these devices causing serious complications.
These complications are caused by various design defects associated with these devices. After implantation, a transvaginal mesh may contract, causing pain and irritation. This may interfere with the body’s natural healing process, causing inflammation of surrounding organs and tissues. In some cases, these devices have been known to erode tissue in the vaginal canal, causing tears and fistulas, leading to massive infection as a result of contents from the bowel leaking into sterile areas within the body.

Dallas Transvaginal Mesh Lawyers
Transvaginal Mesh Complications

Some of the common problems connected to transvaginal mesh implantation include:

  1. Bleeding
  2. Urinary problems
  3. Vaginal scarring
  4. Discomfort
  5. Bowel perforation
  6. Painful sex
  7. Infection

FDA complaints.

In the period between 2005 and 2010, the FDA received ~4,000 complaints indicating that these devices had caused injury, infection and even death in some cases. This forced them to admit that complications arising from transvaginal mesh were not rare and that they needed to issue a nationwide advisory to alert the general public on the potential complications associated with these devices.
Some of the complications arising from transvaginal mesh implantation may not be fully fixed even after multiple surgeries. This is especially true in cases where the device has perforated organs or eroded tissue. In fact, it’s not uncommon for this mesh to fuse with surrounding tissue, making its removal virtually impossible.
Hundreds of thousands of transvaginal mesh procedures are performed every year. However, some of the women who opt for these procedures are either not aware of the long-term effects or are not exposed to studies questioning the safety of transvaginal meshes.
What’s even more disturbing is that Johnson & Johnson (one of the companies who produces transvaginal mesh devices) knew about the dangers and simply didn’t care.
If you suffered any kind of physical complications as a result of this device, you may be eligible for compensation. At the same time, surgery to correct such complications is expensive, but we may be able to help. Please get in touch with us so we can review your case at 1-877-405-4313. You can also fill out our online contact form found to the right of this page. Let us help you regain your health and take back control of your life today.

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