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by Jeff Rasansky -
Jeff Rasansky
Jeff Rasansky, managing partner of Rasansky Law Firm, is an aggressive Dallas personal injury lawyer with more than 25 years of legal experience.

Drunk drivers are more dangerous and unpredictable than almost any hazard on the road. They are genuine threats, and the best way to avoid them is to know when you’re dealing with one. Of course, most of us aren’t trained police officers, so it may be harder to spot drunk drivers, however, you can watch for these three warning sign of a possible drunk driver and keep you and your loved ones safe while driving.

HandcuffsandScotchGlass1. Veering Toward You

Drunk drivers may veer toward you. They may have trouble staying on their side of the road or keeping their vehicle in the right lane of traffic. In doing so, they may start crowding you off the road. Drunk drivers are irrational, so it’s difficult to predict their next move, however you can be aware of the time in which you are driving. For example, it’s much more likely to encounter drunk drivers late at night or on the weekends. Anytime you are around a reckless driver, it’s best to stay calm, alert, and slow down to stay away from the vehicle.

2. Stopping in the Middle of the Road

Drunk drivers have a limited attention span and are known to just stop in the middle of the road. If you see someone doing this, stay as far away from them as possible. They may be in trouble themselves, but it’s best to call the police and to let them handle it. You never know what you’re dealing with when you approach a car, so it’s best to avoid doing so.

3. No Headlights

If you’ve ever wondered why the police will just let you go without a ticket when you’re driving with your lights off, in many cases, it’s because they’re just checking to see if you’ve been drinking. In a city as big as Dallas, it’s pretty easy to forget to turn on your headlights because of all the street lighting. When you see this, however, it’s a huge warning sign that someone might be intoxicated. Stay away from these vehicles. Either pass them or hang back so you have time to react to the unexpected.

Drunk drivers injure or kill far too many people every year. Their driving is sometimes obviously dangerous and, in other cases, you won’t know something is wrong until they make an unpredictable move that puts you in harm’s way. If a drunk driver has injured you, caused you the loss of a loved one, or damaged your property contact a Dallas drunk driving accident attorney. Getting compensated is what a lawyer helps drunk driving victims do, and one may be able to argue a successful legal action for you. You can oftentimes meet with them for free and hire them on a contingency agreement, avoiding legal fees unless you win.

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