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by Jeff Rasansky -
Jeff Rasansky
Jeff Rasansky, managing partner of Rasansky Law Firm, is an aggressive Dallas personal injury lawyer with more than 25 years of legal experience.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that over one million people in the United States will suffer slip and fall injuries some time in their life.

Of these, over 17, 000 people die annually from such injuries. While slip and fall accidents aren’t the leading cause of fatal injuries at work, they are the leading cause of workers’ compensation claims.

A slip & fall accident happens when a person slips or trips, and falls on a damaged or messy floor, a rough pavement, a slippery hallway, or a flight of stairs. Every person should exercise due diligence and foresight in preventing harm and avoiding it when possible. While having wet floors or uneven pavements are ordinary occurrences that may not always be attributable to the fault or negligence of the property owner, there are still standards that are expected of them. A slip & fall accident may make the property owner legally responsible if the property owner did not exercise due care and reason in assessing the dangers posed by the property. A property owner may also be responsible if he knew or should have known about the dangerous situation but fail to repair the problem and the property owner had enough time to fix the problem.

A competent slip and fall accident attorney can help you break down the elements of the slip and fall laws in your state and file a lawsuit for you to get you the compensation that you deserve. Most states have provisions that that specify that even if a landlord did not actually see the dangerous condition which created your injury, they can still be liable if they had constructive notice of the dangerous condition. Constructive notice means that although the landlord or property owner did not have actual notice, the dangerous condition had been there long enough that the property owner should have known about the situation and he should have had enough time to fix it. In most states, if the plaintiff can prove constructive notice, the property owner is just as liable as if he had actual notice and failed to fix the situation.

If you or a loved one is among the millions of people who have had a slip & fall accident, you need the assistance of a slip & fall accident attorney. You may call our law office at 1-877-405-4313 to schedule an appointment with our attorneys.

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