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by Jeff Rasansky -
Jeff Rasansky
Jeff Rasansky, managing partner of Rasansky Law Firm, is an aggressive Dallas personal injury lawyer with more than 25 years of legal experience.

Jury awards for cerebral palsy will not always be the full amount sought by the plaintiff. In some cases, reduced awards are given for one reason or another. The thing anyone pressing a lawsuit has to worry about more than anything else, however, is that they have a lawyer who is capable of upping their chances of winning a cerebral palsy lawsuit. You cannot guarantee a win with any lawyer, but you can seriously increase your chances of winning by hiring a professional who is up to the challenge and who has already proved as much on other cases.

birth-injuryWhat Juries are Concerned About

A jury will generally be asked whether or not negligence was present in the efforts of a doctor or a healthcare facility. This negligence must have been a factor in the child being injured. If the jury finds that this was the case, they may opt to offer an award to the plaintiff. There are some other ways that these cases can turn out, however.

The jury may find that you don’t deserve any of the award that you’re seeking. Lawyers are the first lines of defense against this happening.  The decision is ultimately up to the jury but lawyers will try to avoid taking cases if they don’t believe that they have a realistic chance of winning. If they do believe that the case will win, they’ll generally take it. Some of their payment arrangements require them to win the case or to win a settlement to even get paid for their time and effort into the claim.

The jury may not even be involved in the case, either. Sometimes, the party that you’re suing will decide that you actually do have a very good case and they’ll offer to settle for you. There are sometimes conditions attached to the settlement and your attorney will advise you of them and tell you what they think of those conditions. They’ll also let you know whether or not they think you can get more money than the settlement consists of an, if so, how to go about getting it. It may mean negotiating more or it may mean just going to court.

Talk to a cerebral palsy attorney about whether or not you have a chance of winning your claim. They’re the best people to ask. If they think your claim could win, they may want you as a client and offer to take your case.

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