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Dallas 18-Wheeler Accident Attorney

18-wheeler accidents often cause catastrophic injuries, and are handled much differently than normal car accident claims.

18-wheelers are a common sight on the highways in and around Dallas, Texas. They share the road with smaller cars and provide vital transportation services to various companies. As our economy grows, the number of 18 wheelers on the road does too.
18-wheelers pose a risk to other road users due to various reasons. However, it’s important to note that 18-wheeler accidents tend to be more serious than other types of car accidents due to the sheer size of these vehicles. In addition, these accidents may affect more than one car, and individuals in smaller cars may suffer catastrophic injuries or even wrongful death. It is because of this reason that you need a competent and experienced Dallas 18 wheeler accident attorney by your side to help you recover compensation.

Dallas 18-Wheeler Accident Attorney
Dallas 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer

18-wheeler accidents happen due to various reasons such as:

  1. Failure to obey road signs and rules.
  2. Lack of 18 wheeler vehicle maintenance.
  3. Truck driver fatigue.
  4. Inattention.
  5. Drug or alcohol intoxication.
  6. Distracted driving (watching TV, using a phone or computer while driving).
  7. Inadequately inflated 18 wheeler tires.
  8. Over speeding.
  9. Lack of adequate driver training.
  10. Defective 18 wheeler brakes.
  11. Pressure to meet transportation deadlines.
  12. Sleepiness.

Pressure takes its toll.

The trucking industry is a cutthroat one. Most employers push 18-wheeler drivers to deliver goods in unreasonable timeframes, leading to exhaustion. Exhausted drivers do not have the cognitive sharpness needed to drive safely. As a result, accidents happen, causing serious injuries and wrongful deaths.
The 18-wheeler industry is covered by different rules when it comes to driver licensing and insurance. Most 18-wheelers are insured upwards of a million dollars. When you get into an accident with these vehicles, the companies who own them will do everything in their power to minimize your claim for compensation.

What happens after an 18-wheeler accident has occurred?

Immediately after an accident, the trucking companies will send representatives to the scene of the accident to collect evidence and information. They will go on to use the evidence against you in order to minimize their liability. It’s important to note that being involved in an 18 wheeler accident doesn’t automatically mean that you will receive compensation. Trust me; I’ve been doing this long enough to know that they will never “do the right thing” on their own. Instead, you need to compel them to do so – and this is often done in the courtroom.
The person filing the lawsuit will be required to prove that the 18-wheeler driver’s actions and behavior directly led to the accident. This can be difficult to adequately (and legally) prove if you don’t have an experienced lawyer. It’s also not prudent to wait for a police report before contacting a lawyer; waiting any amount of time will only make your case harder to win.

Don’t sign anything!

In addition, you may be approached by a representative from the 18-wheeler’s insurance company who will try to make you sign a waiver in exchange for compensation. What most accident victims don’t understand is that signing this document bars you from filing a lawsuit. In addition, the money that you receive in order to dissuade you from suing will never be enough to cater for your medical bills and ongoing rehabilitation. Don’t even counter their claim. Doing so, again, ONLY serves to limit the potential value of your case. Instead, call us!
18-wheeler companies have whole teams of lawyers behind them. To them, this is just a necessary part of their business, so they will do what they have to do to minimize risk. By contacting a 18-wheeler accident attorney in Dallas, you’ll be able to know where you stand as well as what you can expect to get as compensation.

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