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A lawsuit has been filed against a trucking company after allegations that one of their employees caused a car accident that resulted in injuries and property loss.

According to the lawsuit, the incident occurred in March, when the drivers were driving on Highway 73 in rainy conditions. The accident occurred when, according to court documents, a semi truck failed to stop in time to avoid rear ending the plaintiff’s vehicle.
In this particular lawsuit, the plaintiffs are suing for the pain and injuries they went through, the expenses that those injuries caused, mental anguish and wages they have lost due to being in the accident.
Accidents involving semi trucks have some of the greatest potential to cause injuries and death. In instances where people are in crashes involving these huge vehicles, the consequences are oftentimes much more severe than they would be if those drivers were in a crash involving a passenger vehicle. In cases when a commercial vehicle is involved in a car wreck, it is not uncommon for an attorney to recommend going after the driver of the vehicle and the company for whom they work at the same time.

Lawsuit Filed Against Trucking Company
Lawsuit Filed Against Trucking Company

Why sue the trucking company?

The transportation company has certain legal responsibilities to the other drivers on the road when they operate vehicles for commercial purposes. In some cases, a Texas truck wreck attorney may be able to establish that the equipment was improperly maintained or that a driver was not adequately trained to be doing their job, resulting in the accident. In other cases, there may be another type of liability involved that the lawyer can hold the trucking company responsible for. It depends upon the individual case and the circumstances involved.
Going after a trucking company can be an intimidating process. Most of these companies, because there is a great deal of risk of liability involved in what they do, have their own legal representation lined up before they are even sued. This means that the plaintiffs in these cases need a very skilled attorney to make certain that they maximize their chances of winning.
These trucking companies will sometimes offer a settlement to try to stop a lawsuit from moving forward. In these cases, it’s vital that you go through your attorney and don’t take the settlement outside of your attorney’s advice. Sometimes, the settlement really may not be adequate to cover as much of the damages as you think.

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