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A lot of the Dallas car accident cases that make their way to court are big rig collisions.

Big rig accidents can be devastating for those involved, and oftentimes, they can mean the loss of someone’s life. There is a vital time frame after the accident when you’ll be presented with several options. If it’s clear that you’re not at fault, it’s likely that one of those options will be a settlement from the trucking company. This is not always your best option, even though it may seem like the easiest resolution.

After a Truck Accident
What to Do After a Truck Accident

A big rig crash will almost always involve a sizable company. In some cases, you may be hit by an independent operator, but these small business people are a rare sight these days. The large trucking companies have certain obligations they have to meet under the law. Among the most important of these obligations is that they maintain their trucks properly and that their drivers are well-rested and provided with all that they need to do their jobs safely. These companies, to avoid an even bigger problem, will oftentimes offer settlements to drivers they’ve injured due to their negligence.
A truck accident lawyer can help you deal with this situation. It is worth mentioning that, if the trucking company is offering you a payoff, they may have reason to suspect that you could get a lot more. Always ask an attorney before you accept any checks, sign any documents or, in reality, even talk to the trucking company about the case. The same holds true for your insurance company. Though you may have a great insurance carrier, their first concern is making a profit, not paying for the damages to your car and your body.
A personal injury attorney can help you work out your case and, if it’s good, get your day in court. In some cases, you may still be offered a settlement, though having an attorney seems to make the trucking companies a bit more generous, in many cases. Remember that an attorney needs to handle all the communications you have in relation to the accident. Saying the wrong thing can be disastrous, so let your attorney do the talking for you. This, of course, also reduces your stress level quite a bit, which helps when you have to deal with a complex situation.

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