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An underride accident can be defined as a smaller vehicle becoming jammed or pinned underneath a truck's trailer as the result of a collision. These types of accidents account for nearly 25% of all truck accident fatalities, and often result in serious injuries such as traumatic brain injury, amputation, and even paralysis.

Dallas Underride Accident Lawyer

Side-Impact Underride Truck Accident

Underride accidents are frequently the result of rear-end crashes, but also tend to occur when large trucks attempt U-turns or otherwise block lanes of traffic when turning or entering a business driveway (especially at night). According to government statistics, over 200 people are killed annually because of side underride accidents involving 18-wheeler trucks.

If you've been hurt or have lost a loved one in an underride truck accident, we urge you to call us now at (214) 617-1886. The insurance company is not looking out for your best interests, but we are.

We will handle your claim from beginning to end, and will fight for the justice and compensation your family deserves. We work on a no-win, no-fee basis, and you will never be asked to pay us a penny out of pocket.

Underride wrecks can be prevented by guards, but they're often not required.

While the law does require most types of large trucks to install rear guards (essentially a steel bar) to help prevent a rear-end underride crash, the regulations are outdated and tests have shown that many of the guards currently in use fail to prevent a car from becoming lodged underneath the trailer. The US currently has no such federal requirement for the side underride guards on tractor trailers, even though options have existed for decades.

Click here to see the difference an underride guard makes in the event of an accident.

While some advocacy groups are working together to lobby Congress (as well as Department of Transportation) to create and implement stricter laws on trailer underride guards—including pushing for more-advanced rear guards and requiring the installation of side guards—a few upstanding trucking companies have already taken the initiative to equip their vehicles with side-underride guards. Unfortunately, the vast majority of trucking companies are more concerned with increasing profits than improving safety.

How can an attorney help?

First, I want you to understand that car accidents involving commercial trucks are handled very differently than normal passenger-car accidents. While most of us have handled a minor car accident claim through insurance before, the process is entirely different when there's an injury claim or wrongful death involved. Additionally, due to the high policy limits on commercial truck policies, they will do everything in their power to delay, deny, and ultimately reduce the potential value of your claim, or seek to have your claim dismissed entirely on a technicality.

While you may think the evidence is clear and convincing (and even if they accept liability), there's no law saying that they have to fairly compensate you—or pay you anything at all. They will pretend to be working with you and will likely promise that they will take care of your medical bills. In reality, their only goal is to save the insurance company money by paying out as little as possible.

If you play their game and let them string you along, you are giving them exactly what they want. They handle claims every single day, and know every trick in the book. What happens when you finish treating and they offer you only 10% of your medical bills as a settlement? At this point, it's likely too late for an attorney to help.

Accident attorneys exist for a reason. We charge nothing out of pocket to handle your claim, and we only earn our fee IF and WHEN we put money in your pocket. Even if you're not sure you need an attorney, there's no harm in speaking to us over the phone (or email) about your options. The call is free, and you are under no obligation to make a decision today.

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