What Are the Top Causes of Accidents in Texas?

Due to its vast population, it’s not necessarily surprising that Texas ranks among the top states in the country in terms of the overall number of traffic accident deaths. It led the list with 4,480 road fatalities in 2021. 

What’s more, per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, its death rate per 100 million vehicle miles driven was among the ten highest in the nation. 

In point of fact, hundreds of thousands of Texans are injured yearly in car accidents and other types of motor vehicle crashes, from pedestrian incidents to bicycle wrecks and beyond. Every minute, according to the Texas Department of Transportation in 2015, a collision was reported somewhere in the state. Tragically, local crash data suggests that a significant fraction of these collisions may be caused by reckless, absolutely unnecessary actions behind the wheel.

Clearly, driving while distracted, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and speeding are among the most common factors contributing to the devastating rate of car accidents in Texas. However, when analyzing the frequency of auto accidents in Texas and the key contributors to such incidents, a number of additional data factors must be considered.

What is the Data on Texas Traffic Accidents?

Some large metropolitan regions throughout the Lone Star State have seen an increase in accident rates. In fact, analysts say that Houston claims an average of about 55,000 auto accidents annually, with around 75,000 crashes estimated on particularly bad years. Plus, Houston has led the state in vehicle accident injuries in recent years.

Per traffic researchers’ estimates, around ten fatal vehicle accidents are recorded each week in Houston. One of the most significant factors contributing to deadly car accidents and one of the most prevalent factors leading to collisions is speeding. The majority of collisions are ultimately caused by careless or erratic driving on the part of the drivers involved.

Unfortunately, the city acknowledges that it does not have adequate law enforcement to discourage reckless driving, despite being listed as the city with the worst drivers from 2001 to 2019.

Meanwhile, Dallas has the highest number of auto accidents in Texas. Dallas is the ninth most populated city in the United States. Despite being smaller than Houston and San Antonio, Dallas now has some of the worst accident rates in Texas. During the previous year, 228 people perished on roadways in Dallas. And tragically, Dallas has the second-highest rate of auto accident fatalities. Over the last decade, road deaths in Dallas have soared by 80%.

DUI Accident Statistics in Texas

What Are the Top Causes of Accidents in Texas?Drunk driving has been the leading cause of fatal accidents in Texas for years. According to the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility, 1,446 people in the Lone Star State were killed in alcohol-related accidents in 2014 alone. Furthermore, these deaths accounted for approximately 40% of all road fatalities in the state. This is much higher than the national percentage of drunk driving deaths to total deaths in 2014, which was around 30%.

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, in 2015, the state of Texas passed legislation that made it mandatory for all DUI offenders to have ignition interlock devices installed in their vehicles. Per the latest research conducted by traffic authorities, this may significantly cut down on recidivism and accidents associated with it. 

Accidents Caused by Speeding in Texas

In Texas, speeding is also a frequent contributor to fatal collisions. According to the TDOT, nearly 17,000 accidents occurred in 2015 involving vehicles going at dangerous speeds or exceeding the speed limit. These collisions caused 398 fatalities and almost 3,300 injuries. In addition, drivers who failed to regulate their speed to prevent accidents were engaged in over 30,000 more incidents, resulting in over 3,000 injuries and over 160 fatalities.

In Texas, excessive speed is not the leading cause of collisions, but it may contribute disproportionately to catastrophic injuries and deaths. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety argues that while traveling at faster speeds, drivers have less time to react to risks and less control over their cars. In addition to releasing more energy, high-speed collisions increase the chance of structural damage to cars, injury to people, and other serious effects.

Inattentive driving or driving when distracted is another key contributing factor. According to the numbers compiled by the DOT in 2015, distracted driving contributed to more than 105,000 car accidents in Texas. Over 2,500 of these occurrences involving careless driving resulted in injuries that rendered the victims unable to function, while at least 10,000 of these incidents resulted in injuries of lesser severity. Unfortunately, as a consequence of these tragedies, 422 people lost their lives.

In referencing the most recent information provided by local authorities, distracted driving is now a factor in approximately one of every five accidents in Texas. The widespread use of cell phones while driving, which is a frequent source of driver distraction, has been the subject of unsuccessful efforts to enact a ban at the state level for many years.

Even while some municipalities have passed bans on cell phone use while driving, it does not seem that this has appreciably cut down on the number of accidents caused by distracted driving throughout the state.

Contact a Car Accident Lawyer at Rasanky Law Firm

Automobile accidents impact thousands of families throughout our state. Though some accidents result in minor injuries, many victims are left permanently disabled and in excruciating agony and suffering.

After being injured in an accident, waiting to preserve your legal rights might seriously compromise your prospects of recovery.

When you’re dealing with the aftermath of a serious auto accident, it is imperative that you contact a Dallas car accident lawyer immediately. You may be entitled to compensation to offset your future financial obligations.

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