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by Jeff Rasansky -
A Man Driving

A man driving a car

If you are planning to drive a long distance, then you should have some essential things in your car trunk in case of an emergency. The last thing you want is to be left stranded and waiting for help. Now this could be any type of emergency—car accident or breakdown.

Let us help you keep in your car the most essential items so that you’re well-prepared for any kind of emergency. Continue reading to find out what these things are:

1. First Aid Kit

First things first – as the risk of car accidents are quite high in the US, you must have a first aid kit in your car. You can either purchase a prepackaged kit or assemble it on your own. If you choose the latter, then be sure to put the following items in the kit:

  • Bandages of different sizes
  • Gauze
  • An antibiotic cream
  • OTC pain relievers
  • Allergy medicine
  • Cotton swabs
  • Hand sanitizer

However, if you want to be even more prepared, consider keeping a thermometer, heating pad and any other medication that you or your family may need.

2. Items for Car Repair and Maintenance

In case your car breaks down at the side of the road in the middle of nowhere that too at night, then you need to be prepared for that too. For such an emergency, consider keeping a spare tire in the back of the trunk. Make sure it is in good condition.

Also, make sure to carry a tire iron and jack. Without these tools, you won’t be able to change the flat tire with the spare one.

However, if you want to avoid using the above mentioned tools then consider carrying a tire inflater and sealer. They are excellent for plugging leaks just enough to get you to the auto shop.

Next, be sure to carry jumper cables or emergency battery booster. These tools can help you jumpstart your dead battery and get back on the road. Apart from that tire pressure gauge is also a must have for checking the pressure of tires on a regular basis. This can help you increase fuel economy, improve handling, promote tire longevity and more importantly avoid flat tires which can also put you at a risk of an accident.

3. Car Repair Information

Don’t forget to carry all of your car repair related information. Store it in your glove compartment. This should include your auto repair shop business card, AAA number if you’re a member, and car insurance claim forms.

4. Flashlight

Although you can use your cell phone as a light source but it is advisable that you preserve your battery as you’re driving a long distance and you might need to make phone calls on-the-go in case of emergency. Therefore, consider carrying a heavy duty, waterproof flashlight. This will allow you to take a look under the hood at nighttime if a problem occurs with your engine.

5. Snacks

In some situations you might need roadside assistance. And waiting for a tow truck to arrive at the location can be frustrating and make you hungry too. Thus, we advise you to keep snacks in your car too. But make sure that the food isn’t too messy or needs refrigeration. Consider keeping crackers, cereal, granola bars, dry fruits, turkey jerky and seeds in the glove compartment. Furthermore, you can also keep ready to eat meals in the trunk.

6. Disposable Gloves

Always keep a pair or two of disposable gloves. These might come in handy in car accidents where you might want to pull out an injured passenger from the car.  Besides this, they are also quite useful in heavy duty work on the car. You can also wear disposable gloves to protect your hands when handling hot materials and chemicals.

7. Paper Towels

Paper towels will also come in handy especially when working with greasy items in your car like opening the car hood to investigate a messy problem. With paper towels you can easily keep your hands clean by wiping of grease or oil. Besides this, you can clean up a spill and sop up liquid too. So, these are actually quite useful.

8. Water Bottles

Water bottles are important. You can’t forget water. Carry a case of water bottles or a few jugs. Water will not only help you quench your thirst but you can also use water for other purposes too such as clean oil or grease off your clothes. Also, if your radiator overheats along the way, you can pour water in it to keep it cool and working.

So, whenever you’re traveling long distances, make sure to keep the things mentioned up in your car. By keeping all these things in your car you can be well-prepared for all types of emergencies. Also, make sure to keep your car accident lawyer’s number on speed dial.

If you happen to be in a car accident, then it is important that you quickly call 911 for medical aid and your car accident lawyer for legal assistance. Let our Dallas car accident law firm provide you with quality legal representation. We will investigate in-depth to collect crucial evidence to establish a strong case against the party at fault. Our goal is to help clients get a full and fair compensation for injuries and losses incurred due to someone else’s negligence.

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  1. Avatar

    Hi Jeff

    First of all I would like to thank you for sharing such helpful tips. Secondly I would like to add up two more things that can be kept in a car in case of an emergency such as emergency flares and jumper cables.

    Emergency road flares are the most commonly used signal devices that helps to warn or let others people know that someone is in need of help and If someone’s car’s battery dies, jumper cables can help them to quickly get back on the road.

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