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Industrial Accident Injury AttorneyJob-related injuries run the gamut; from occupational diseases to chemical burns and falls, these types of workplace accidents are often referred to as industrial injuries.
Industrial injuries happen with increasing frequency these days; this can be attributed to the growth of certain mega industries that have to do with mining, oil prospecting as well as building and construction. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is tasked with the responsibility of overseeing employee safety, but in the event of a serious accident, OSHA only has the power to fine the employer for violations found.

Workers’ compensation.

While all states have some form of workers’ compensation insurance which may be available to help offset things like hospital bills and lost wages, most of the time, the amount paid out via workers’ compensation is hardly enough to compensate the family of an injured individual satisfactorily.
The State of Texas is unique in that employers are NOT required to purchase state-run workers’ comp insurance. While this at first sounds bad, you must realize that the existence of true workers’ compensation insurance means that workers are barred from filing a lawsuit against their employer after an injury. On the other hand, if your employer is a nonsubscriber, you are allowed to seek reimbursement for 100% of your damages through a personal injury lawsuit.

Determining liability.

More often than not, the blame lies on the employer because they didn’t do what was expected of them as far as safety is concerned. Employees who are injured usually have to navigate the murky waters of determining the extent to which the employer was at fault, insurance adjusters who are constantly trying to lowball them, and workers’ compensation laws that read like Greek to the average American. This is why you need a qualified and experienced industrial injury lawyer on your side to help you get the compensation and justice that you need and deserve. Our attorneys will ensure that every avenue is pursued in order to give you the best chance at a successful case.
Here’s a list of some of the common industrial accidents that may affect workers:

  1. Explosions
  2. Falls
  3. Chemical burns
  4. Being hit by falling objects
  5. Scaffolding accidents
  6. Electrocutions
  7. Unsafe machinery injuries
  8. Exposure to toxic gases and chemicals
  9. Repetitive motion injuries
  10. Fires

All these accidents can be mitigated if safety measures are enforced every single day. Most of the time, these industrial accidents occur due to someone’s negligence.
Here are a few potential causes of industrial accidents:

  • Failure to provide employees with proper training
  • Failure to implement and follow safety procedures
  • Failure to hire qualified employees
  • Failure to maintain and repair faulty machinery
  • Failure to properly supervise employees
  • Failure to properly dispose of hazardous material
Certain states have caps on the amount of damages one can receive after an injury. Additionally, it’s important to note that employers may try to use contributory negligence in order to argue liability. Our law firm has handled countless industrial accident cases, and we know how to navigate these types of claims.
Your employer has an obligation to keep your place of work safe from anything that may cause you injury, as well as properly train employees with regard to safety. At the same time, they should, within reason, adequately warn you about anything that they thing might pose a danger to you and other workers in good time so you can avoid being injured.
Industrial injuries can lead to life-long and catastrophic injuries such as:
All injuries have an emotional and psychological aspect to them. Because of this, you may need to factor in damages that have to do with emotional pain and distress, loss of life’s enjoyment, humiliation, and mental suffering. By contacting a good industrial accident lawyer, you’ll be able to adequately determine your true damages in order to legitimize your demand.

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