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Total Recovery: $590,000.00

Medical Malpractice / Personal Injury

An 81-year-old woman fell from her wheelchair while staying at an assisted living facility and was admitted to the hospital for treatment. She was diagnosed with a fractured neck of the left humerus and transferred to a rehabilitation center for continuous rehabilitation.

While at the rehabilitation center, the victim developed a necrotic area to her left heel. After being discharged back to the assisted living facility with a treatment order for wound care, the pressure ulcer became severely infected and she was again admitted to the hospital for wound debridement.

As a result of her injuries and extensive pain, the victim became depressed and lost her appetite. The family hired Rasansky Law Firm to pursue a claim, and we eventually reached an agreement to settle for $590,000.00.

Total Award: $590,000

Attorney Fees: $177,000

Case Expenses: $42,775.51

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