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Daycare Neglect

Daycare neglect is still today a very real epidemic. Daycare neglect can be described as the failure to provide and maintain adequate medical care, supervision, food and clothing in regard to a childcare or daycare setting.

It’s hard for parents to ever imagine that the people they entrusted to take care of their children are abusing, ignoring or neglecting their child. At the same time, most parents who are aware of the danger like to think that this only happens to other children.

Here are some signs to look out for which might point to neglect in a daycare center:

  1. Your child suddenly develops separation anxiety that’s different from what they used to have when they first started going to school. This might be accompanied by crying fits and general resistance from your kid. If this kind of behavior is new and goes on for a while, you might want to look into the possibility that your child may be a victim of daycare neglect.
  2. Behavioral problems such as late night waking, moodiness, refusing to eat and aggressiveness may point to psychic damage which comes as a result of neglect.
  3. Unpredictable behavior such as shouting at you or keeping quiet for long periods of time.
  4. Irrational fear of being left alone or when dropped off at daycare.

See this page for more warning signs of child abuse.

Your best defense as a parent has to be your intuition. If you suspect that something isn’t right, you should try to investigate to get at the root of the problem. You might want to consider calling the Childhelp National Child Neglect hotline to file an official report.  At the same time, having some form of documentation might help you build a strong case which you can take to court to punish the wrongdoers as well as seek justice and compensation for your child and family at large.

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