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Drunk Driving Accidents Rasansky Law Firm
Jeff Rasansky

Answer: Whether you’re a first party (the drunk driver) or a third party (anyone else injured in the accident), you may absolutely be able to file a lawsuit. As a passenger, you’re considered a third-party and may sue both the drunk driver, as well as the bar which over-served him or her. In these kinds…

Jeff Rasansky

Answer: Bars (like all businesses) exist to make a profit. Left unregulated, bars will encourage more sales and more consumption of alcohol in order to make more profit. Unfortunately, serving people past the point of intoxication increases the number of drunk drivers on the road, putting others in the community at risk of serious injury…

Jeff Rasansky

Answer: If the bar either served a minor, or over-served a patron, then yes you may be able to recover a portion of your total damages from the bar, club or restaurant. This is thanks to Texas’ Dram Shop laws. 38 states across the country, including Texas, have dram shop liability statutes on the book….

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