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Depending on the particulars on your Texas personal injury lawsuit, information taken from a car black box recorder – also known as an event data recorder (EDR) – can either help or harm your case.
EDRs are increasingly common in newer cars, and some vehicle owners don’t even know that their car contains a black box device. The small recorders can tell authorities a wealth of information about a traffic accident in the wake of a crash, including the car’s speed, whether or not the brakes were applied, and even whether or not passengers were buckled up. While information that shows you were adhering to traffic laws can help your TX accident case, information that shows that you were speeding or did not brake could harm your case.
Generally, black box recorders and EDRs are a good thing for car accident lawsuits because they can provide solid evidence regarding how and why a traffic accident occurred. However, it is important to know your rights regarding EDR information from your car and from others’ cars in Texas. To learn more about how black box recorders could affect your car accident lawsuit, contact the Dallas personal injury attorneys at Rasansky Law Firm.

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