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The first question many parents ask when they are told that their child has cerebral palsy is, “Is my child going to be okay?” Often, the next question is, “What challenges will my child face in the future?”
It is important to understand that the severity of cerebral palsy varies considerably between cases and that it can be difficult to give a prognosis when a child is quite young. Although predictions can be made about the future health of a baby with a birth injury like cerebral palsy, parents should understand that the prognosis is not set in stone.
With that in mind, doctors agree that children with CP may be able to improve their condition through close medical care, therapy, and treatment. However, those suffering from cerebral palsy are more likely to suffer from mental disabilities, more likely to suffer from early-onset arthritis, and more likely to have lifelong mobility and dexterity issues. Cerebral palsy is not a progressive disease, but the affects of CP can lead to related health problems as those with the condition age. Those who suffer from cerebral palsy due to a birth injury will not pass the health issue on to their children.
A more accurate prognosis can be made through doctor evaluations when your child is older.
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