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The responsibility for dog bites and animal attacks sometimes depends on the state in which the incident took place. In other words, some states operate on a strict liability clause that places legal responsibility on the owner – even if (s)he did nothing wrong regarding their obligation to protect others from an attack. In other states, the owner can only be held liable for injuries his/her animal inflicts if (s)he knew (or should have known) that the animal had the potential to attack someone.

These type of personal injury claims are generally covered by the animal owner’s homeowner’s insurance policy.

There are some cases in which contributory negligence may play a role as well. If the owner secured the animal on his/her property yet someone climbs a fence or wall or deliberately provokes an animal, the victim may be unable to recover compensation.

The truth is that these cases are complex and you really need to discuss the facts of your unique case with an attorney in order to understand what options are available to you. Our law firm will consult with you for no cost by calling 1-877-405-4313 or emailing us using the contact form on this page.

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