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The term “freak accident” can be very overused – especially by the media and by those who don’t want to be blamed for causing the injury or death. While some select accidents are simply the result of bad luck, odd circumstances, or rare unfortunate events, many accidents could have and should have been prevented.
For example, we read about a recent case in which a driver was killed by a piece of debris that was on the interstate. His car kicked up the metal, which then flew through his windshield and struck him in the head. While newspapers said that he was the victim of a freak accident, we don’t believe that was the case. Where did the piece of debris come from? Did it fall off of a truck with a careless driver? Was it tied on to the vehicle improperly? Did other drivers call police to warn them that a dangerous piece of debris was on the road and nothing was done? As you can see, what initially looks like “bad luck” and a “freak accident” might have been caused by negligence and prevented.
Before dismissing your accident or the accident of a loved one as a “freak accident,” make sure you have a professional review your case and examine the evidence. Speak to a Dallas truck accident attorney today to find out the truth about your case, as well as whether or not you could seek compensation for your injuries.

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