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While no one can compensate you for the loss of your health or a permanent injury, the justice system is set up so that you can recover monetary compensation after a medical mistake depending on what you lost due to the medical mistake and what the error cost you.
Medical malpractice cases take into consideration a number of factors when it comes to determining the value of your case. Your payout largely depends on the losses you suffered as a result of the medical error.
Your losses (damages) could include:

  • The cost of your current and future medical needs.
  • Whether you lost wages or the ability to work.
  • The severity of your injuries.
  • Whether pain and suffering were involved.
  • Other influences of the injury on your life.
  • Any pre-existing medical conditions.
  • The degree of negligence of the doctor.

It is also important to remember that there are medical malpractice caps in Texas that may limit your reward. Since 2003, medical malpractice injury victims have been limited to collecting $250,000 in non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering and mental anguish. There are no caps on economic damages, including medical bills and lost wages.
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