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Once you have decided to seek the services of a car accident injury lawyer, you immediately have another decision on your hands: how do you choose the best attorney?
First and foremost, understand that you are not choosing the best personal injury attorney in Dallas, you are choosing the best personal injury attorney in Dallas for you. A lawyer that is perfect for your neighbor may not be perfect for you. Ask yourself: do you want an attorney who involves you in the process or not? Do you want an aggressive attorney or not? Do you want an attorney who is willing to go to court or not?
Secondly, visit the attorney’s website and verify his or her experience, legal background, and other qualifications. Has the attorney successfully taken on cases similar to yours?
Finally, take advantage of the attorney’s no-obligation consultation. Here, you can meet with your lawyer in person and determine whether he or she is the right fit for you. Understand that you absolutely do not have to work with an attorney after the initial meeting – it is up to you.

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