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If anyone is injured, you should call the local police at the scene. It is vital that a police officer be on hand to evaluate the circumstances, talk to witnesses, and take statements from people who saw the accident. If you are experiencing any pain or suffered any potential injuries, seek medical attention from a reputable doctor or go to the emergency room. The police will make sure your car is towed and properly taken care of.
Don’t feel compelled to take responsibility for the crash. It’s easy to say “I’m sorry” after an accident even when it wasn’t your fault, but using that language could hurt your case. Most every insurance company advises their drivers to refrain from admitting fault at the scene.

If you have any injuries.

Get the medical care you need ASAP. This should absolutely be your most important concern after an accident. Go to the doctor immediately after the crash and track any new health issues in the weeks and months that follow. Follow the medical professional’s advice and seek further/continued treatment if at all necessary. Keep records of your damages. File away medical bills, medical records, and any other paperwork related to the accident.
Speak with an attorney about your legal options (free consultation). Personal injury attorneys will handle your car accident case at no cost to you, letting you focus on recovering instead of fighting the insurance company.
DO NOT talk with the other driver’s insurance company! Instead, refer them to your lawyer and ask that any further communication be directed to your attorney. Insurance companies will use every trick in the book to reduce the value of your potential claim if you are not represented.

If you have NOT been injured.

Take pictures and then exchange contact information with all other drivers involved. If there are any witnesses, obtain all of their contact information. Remember to write down the other driver’s insurance company, his license plate number, driver’s license number, address, and insurance policy number.
Inform your insurance company within 24 hours of the accident so that they can begin filing claims.

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