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A “miss and run” car accident is like a hit and run accident – except that the vehicle that causes the accident does not make any visible physical contact with your car before speeding from the scene of the crash. Also known as a phantom car accident, miss and run accidents can still result in serious property damage, life-threatening injury, and even death even though the two vehicles never collide.
What makes a miss and run accident legally different from a hit and run accident? Miss and run accidents often suffer from a lack of evidence, especially if there were no witnesses to the accident other than you. Insurance companies are suspicious of miss and run cases because there is a chance that the person reporting the accident is fabricating the second car to pin fault on someone else.
There are ways to prove a phantom car crash – tire marks on the pavement, cameras in the area, and witness statements can all help support your story. Although phantom car accidents are more difficult to receive compensation for, you should still absolutely speak with a Texas injury attorney if you have been involved in a miss and run crash and would like to seek damages.

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