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There are different laws and regulations for motorized scooters (such as mopeds and Vespas) and motorcycles in Texas. Let’s look at some of the basics:

  • For motorized scooters with more than a 50cc engine, riders must hold a motorcycle license or motorcycle license endorsement  – which requires a written test and a road test.
  • Scooter users must have a Class C Driver’s License for motorized scooters with a 50cc engine or less.
  • All motorized scooters of all sizes must be registered in Texas and pass an annual inspection.
  • Helmets are required for all riders under the age of 21. Helmets may not be required for those with health insurance coverage who have taken a safety course.
  • Mopeds are required to use a headlight in the dark.
  • Motorized scooters must have working brakes.
  • Mopeds must travel as far to the right side of the road as safely possible when traveling slower than surrounding traffic.
  • It is illegal to attach someone on a sled, skates, or other toy vehicle onto a motorized scooter.

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  1. If I have a moped under 50 cc do I have to have a license?

    • The article says MORE than 50cc… so think what you are asking

      • dont be a prick

  2. I have a 33 cc scooter would I need a license to drive this to school?

  3. Do I have to have a license for a scooter under 50cc

  4. Do I need a motorcycle license for a scooter under 50cc

  5. If I have an oui in Maine and no drivers license can I get a Scooter license in Texas??

  6. Can I buy a 50cc or less moped and not need a license so I can get to work in Texas? With out a license and still drive it on the road legally

  7. Can I buy a 50cc or less moped and not need a license so I can get to work in Texas? With out a license and still drive it on the road legally

  8. Based o. The above information, you do not need a motorcycle license if your moped is 50cc or less. Anything over 50cc requires a motorcycle license. All scooters have to have an annual inspection and registration.

    • You must have cheated and read the article

  9. Ummm the last line says I can’t pull somebody on sled ,skates etc behind a scooter/moped. Does this mean I can do so on my sport bike that has 200x the power? After all it’s a motorcycle not a scooter. I know it’s a stretch but would be an awesome loophole.

  10. Do I need a driver’s license to drive a 49cc moped in the state of Texas?

  11. Can i ride my 25mph e scooter on tx roads? Intersection or far right?

    • Hello I have a 49cc scooter that’s goes 25miles I want to know if I can ride on the road & do I need a helmet & do I need insurance plus plates for it or since it does not go more then 25 miles.

  12. It’s obvious people don’t read anymore based on the posts above. Everyone just wants a personal answer immediately. What a pathetic generation we now live with.

    • …, or the post below.

  13. Is a class C license ok for a 300cc scooter?

  14. I have EW-09 E-Bike Moped 600W and run on electric battery and cops still pull me over telling me i need paper work and a license to drive it WTF

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