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There are federal laws that bar nursing homes from using physical restraints unless there is a medical need to do so. However, some nursing homes use restraints in illegal ways; for example, to stop residents from being a nuisance or from wandering from their rooms.
Physical restraints such as straps, belts, vests, bed rails, vests, restraining chairs, and cuffs are sometimes needed to prevent a patient from harming themselves or others. For example, a resident prone to falls may need to be restrained during portions of the day to prevent serious accidents. Many believe, though, that restraints are overused especially in crowded or understaffed nursing homes in order to subdue and control patients.
The improper and illegal use of restraints in Texas nursing homes can lead to a number of complications, such as bedsores, constipation, malnutrition, loss of mobility, isolation, and mental anguish.
If you believe that your elder loved one has been harmed due to the illegal use of physical restraints in his or her nursing home, contact a Dallas nursing home abuse attorney today and share your story. Taking action will lead to justice for your loved on and prevent similar incidents from happening to others.

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