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An out-of-court settlement takes place when the two parties involved in a car accident injury case reach an agreement about the claim outside of court, usually with the help of their attorneys. Out-of-court settlements happen without the opinion or the aide of a judge, a jury, or other officials – and a judge does not have to agree with or approve the settlement. Once an out-of-court settlement is agreed upon, neither party is allowed to take the case back to court, as it is a legally binding contract.
In most cases, an out-of-court settlement involves the defendant paying the plaintiff an undisclosed amount of money, and the plaintiff dropping their lawsuit in turn.
Many Texas personal injury cases, car accident cases, and wrongful death cases are resolved out of court. Both plaintiffs and defendants can prefer an out-of-court settlement because they do not leave the decision up to a judge or jury, because they can save time, and because they can save money by cutting legal costs. The real question here is should I be settling my case out of court? By the way, statistics show that those who hire a lawyer receive settlements over 300% higher on average than those who don’t.
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