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A phantom vehicle, according to insurance companies, is a vehicle that causes a car accident or car accident injury without ever coming into contact with the car that crashes. In the majority of cases, a phantom vehicle will leave the accident scene in the seconds after causing the crash, making it difficult to prove fault and collect compensation unless witnesses come forward or physical evidence is found.
Also know as “miss and run” accidents, phantom vehicle accidents often occur when another driver’s reckless or sudden movements cause you to hit another car or run off of the road. For example, a car that is illegally passing cars, speeding, weaving through traffic, or stopping suddenly could cause a phantom car accident. In some cases, cars may even purposefully run other vehicles off of the road.
Just because phantom car accidents can make it more challenging to collect damages does not mean that you should give up on receiving compensation after your miss and run crash. The best way to learn about your case and your best options for moving forward is to schedule a free, no-obligation meeting with a Texas car accident attorney.

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