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It is possible for pneumonia to be the result of Texas nursing home neglect, but it is also possible for pneumonia to be unrelated to an elderly patient’s care.
Pneumonia is one of the leading causes of death for seniors. In some cases, this dangerous inflammation of the lungs is simply a medical complication that becomes more common as patients age. However, in other cases, pneumonia is a preventable, treatable condition that comes about due to poor nursing care. If the condition isn’t diagnosed early and treated aggressively, it can be fatal. If nursing home residents are malnourished, dehydrated, or mistreated, their chances of developing pneumonia go up considerably.
If you are seeking compensation for Texas nursing home negligence related to a loved one’s pneumonia, it is vital to connect the health condition with your loved one’s care. To speak with a Dallas nursing home neglect attorney about your case, call the Rasansky Law Firm today to schedule a private, no-obligation meeting with a knowledgeable, experienced lawyer.

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