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Many elderly drivers are safe drivers but you are right to be concerned. Drivers over the age of seventy-five are more likely than younger drivers to be fatally injured in a Texas car accident.
If you are concerned about your mother’s driving abilities, it may be a good idea to talk with her doctor. Her doctor will know if any of her medications can impair driving, He may also be able to schedule your mother for a driver evaluation.
During a driver evaluation, a person is observed while driving a simulator or dual-control vehicle. The person doing the assessment will be able to determine if there are any physical or cognitive conditions that could impair driving ability and whether any vehicle modifications are needed for safe driving. After the assessment, a report is sent to the referring physician.
If the driver evaluation suggests that your mother should not drive or that she needs vehicle modifications in order to drive safely, the doctor will send a report to the Texas Department of State Health Services medical advisory board. The board will review your mother’s medical records and determine if she is medically incapable of driving. If so, her driving privileges may be suspended.
If you would like to file your own report about a medical condition that may affect the ability to safely operate a vehicle, you can send a letter to:
Texas Department of Public Safety
Driver Improvement and Compliance Bureau
P.O. Box 4087
Austin, TX 78773-0320
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