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Ptosis, a condition in which one or both eyelids droop, has a number of possible causes. Some cases of ptosis are the result of a traumatic delivery, in which an infant is caught in the birth canal or in which an infant is damaged by the use of forceps during birth.
This medical condition, which can occur in one or both eyelids, can cause obstructed vision as well as cosmetic concerns. In some cases ptosis is present at birth, while in other cases the condition manifests later in life. Some cases of ptosis are genetic and therefore not preventable, while other cases are caused by injury to the baby and are completely preventable. Ptosis caused by injury can be pinpointed by the presence of bruising or swelling at the time of the trauma.
The root cause of all cases of ptosis is a weak or damaged eyelid muscle. Ptosis can lead to poor vision, especially in children that suffer from the condition while their vision is developing. Many but not all cases of ptosis can be corrected by surgery. A small number of ptosis cases caused by birth injury may improve over time.
If you believe that your infant’s ptosis was caused by a traumatic birth and medical mistake, speak with a Dallas birth injury attorney today.

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