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A runaway truck is a vehicle that has lost use of its brakes on a downhill slope. Large commercial trucks are more likely to suffer a brake malfunction due the size and weight of big rigs – especially when the brakes are put under stress by heavy use on steep declines such as those found on mountain passes.
Some runaway-truck crashes are caused by trucking companies who do not engage in regular brake maintenance (as is required under federal law), truckers who do not use or maintain their brakes properly, or mechanical issues caused by brake defects.
Runaway truck ramps are often found at the bottom of sustained steep grades. These upward ramps, which are usually filled with sand or gravel, are designed to stop a runaway truck without putting the truck driver and others on the road in serious danger.
If you have been involved in a Texas truck accident, it is vital that you understand exactly what went wrong with the truck’s brakes and whether or not the truck accident could have been prevented. To learn more about your possible injury case, speak with a Dallas truck accident lawyer today.

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