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First thing’s first. If you are not an attorney who’s litigated a case before, you really should not be negotiating a settlement. Insurance companies do this every single day and they know every single trick they can use in order to limit the value of your claim – or to deny liability outright. Most people who get into car accidents are approached by insurance companies promptly in order to get them to settle quickly, before the full extent of their injuries are known. One little-known statistic: hiring an attorney can increase your potential settlement amount by over 300%.

Don’t sign anything!

While you may wish to get compensated as quickly as possible, you need to be aware that the insurance company wants to settle as quickly as possible for their own benefit. Once you settle, you give up your right to seek anything further in relation to the event. If you were to later discover that you will require ongoing physical therapy, you will now have to pay these costs out of your own pocket.

You deserve a sizable payout.

We understand that these situations can be physically and emotionally draining. Let your attorney handle the hard work – that’s what they’re there for. Your lawyer will demand the FULL amount of compensation that you deserve. We can demonstrate to the insurance company (and to a court) exactly why you are owed what you’re owed.
Our goal is to get you the full amount of your claim, but we also recognize the importance of settling a case in order to avoid a long, drawn-out lawsuit. If the insurance company does not meet our initial demand and chooses not to reasonably negotiate, we can file a lawsuit in order to legally compel the liable party to pay you what you’re owed.
Having an attorney settle your case is the best thing you can do for yourself, and your future.

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