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Infants are far more likely than older children to be victims of daycare abuse; however, they are often silent victims. Unlike older children, babies are unable to tell an adult that they are scared, hurt, or anxious.
In some cases, a parent may see visible signs of injury such as bruises, burns, black eyes, cuts, or abrasions. Young babies rarely injure themselves, but it is quite normal for older infants to experience the occasional injury as they explore the world. Frequent or severe injuries or injuries in unusual locations may be a sign of physical abuse. There may also be behavioral signs.
A baby that is abused at a Dallas daycare may show a sudden fear of people of a certain gender, or people with a physical appearance similar to the abuser (for example, women with long blonde hair). They may cry when being dropped off at the childcare facility or they may show fear when separated from a parent.
A baby who has been abused by a daycare provider may:

  • Show signs of shaken baby syndrome, including glassy eyes, lethargy, rigidity, irritability, decrease in appetite, difficulty feeding, or vomiting
  • Suddenly cringe from or shun a parent’s affections; alternatively, the infant may become excessively clingy
  • Show a sudden change in personality; an outgoing, happy baby may become fussy or withdrawn
  • Have a change in appetite
  • Have difficulty sleeping
  • Regress to past behaviors
  • Lose skills

A baby who has been sexually abused at a daycare may:

  • Have bleeding or bruising around the genital area
  • Have a sudden fear of bathing or diaper changes
  • Cry when put in a seated position or lose the ability to sit (because of pain)
  • Experience pain when walking
  • Suffer from urinary tract infections

More signs of daycare abuse.
If you have any concerns about the possibility of abuse, don’t delay action. Your child’s well being is at stake. Discuss the injuries with your pediatrician and contact your local police department to discuss your concerns.
When you are ready, contact a Dallas daycare abuse attorney.  A lawsuit can help you hold your daycare provider accountable for the abuse and may protect other children. To learn more, request our free guide, Preventing, Discovering & Acting on Claims of Daycare Abuse, or contact Rasansky Law Firm at 1-877-405-4313.

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