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Unlike many states, Texas does not require cyclists of any age to wear helmets while riding their bike. However, some individual cities in Texas have instated bicycle laws for kids and teens. For example, bicycle helmets are required for children when riding their bikes on public streets, sidewalks, or park property in Arlington, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Benbrook, Bedford, Coppell and Southlake.
Until June of 2014, Dallas required all bike riders to wear a helmet, now the law only applies to those under the age of 18. In Dallas, it even used to be illegal to “remove both hands from the handle bars or feet from the pedals, or practice any acrobatic or stunt riding upon any street,” or to “participate in any race for speed or any endurance contest.” That’s right, it was actually illegal to pop a wheelie!
Twice in recent years, Texas lawmakers have attempted to institute a statewide law that would require minors to wear helmets while riding a bike, but both laws failed to pass.
Even though bike helmets are not required by law for most Texans, it is always a good idea to wear a properly fitted and buckled regulation helmet while riding your bike. Ask anyone who’s been in a bicycle accident and they’ll tell you the same. While helmets do not completely prevent head injuries or traumatic brain injuries, they greatly reduce damage done to the head during bike accidents and minimize injury. Very simply, regardless of the law, bike helmets save lives.

  1. So Jeff, was ticketed in the west end yesterday Mar. 24, 1014 with a friend on cruiser bikes for not wearing helmets who made sure to tell us that they would quickly dismiss it at the courthouse for 10$. Not to mention the fact that he was not wearing a helmet himself on his bike, claiming it was down the street.

  2. I’ve been riding my bike for years in Houston with no helmet Never been warned of cited by the cops.

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