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First and foremost, accidents involving 18-wheeler trucks often result in more serious injuries and damages than other traffic accidents simply due to the fact that big rigs are much larger and more-massive than passenger cars.
In addition, truck accidents often involve multiple parties, companies, and insurance policies. When dealing with a truck accident case, your attorney often must deal with the trucking company, their insurance provider, the truck driver’s personal insurance company, the company that owes the trailer, their insurance provider, etc.
Truck accidents often involve vehicles from across state lines and are even subject to additional laws put in place by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The truck driver’s (and company’s) adherence to these rules will play a very important role in determining liability, and should be thoroughly investigated by your attorney.
Accidents involving 18-wheeler are simply more serious, involve more-aggressive insurance adjusters, and are much more complex than normal car accidents. For these reasons, it is important that these cases are handled by a Dallas truck accident attorney who has considerable experience with commercial vehicle accidents.

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