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While over-medication is a serious problem in Texas nursing homes, under-medication and improper pain management is also an issue when it comes to nursing home neglect.
Unfortunately, millions of Americans are not properly treated for pain, and many of these people are seniors in nursing homes and assisted-living facilities. There are a number of reasons why your elder loved one may not be receiving the correct amount of pain medication:

  • Your elder loved one is not able to communicate their pain due to dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, or another health issue.
  • Your elder loved one is not aware that their pain should be better managed or has not reached out for help.
  • The nursing home is not giving your elder loved one the medication he or she has been prescribed – either due to poor medication distribution or staff members stealing medication.
  • The nursing home is neglecting to listen to your loved ones complaints and concerns about pain.

If you believe your elder loved one’s nursing home has been negligent in treating residents’ pain, you may wish to speak with a Dallas nursing home neglect lawyer. Call Rasansky Law Firm today to schedule an appointment and get more information.

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