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In October 2012, nine out 24 consumer recalls were for children’s products. Every month, at least one highchair, stroller, or baby seat seems to be recalled. You are right to be concerned.
Here are a few tips to help you choose safe gear for your child.
Strollers – Strollers are one of the most frequently recalled children’s products. Many stroller recalls are due to a large gap between the stroller grab bar or tray and the seat bottom.  If an infant is not properly harnessed, the child can slip through the gap into a strangulation hazard. Other strollers have been recalled because exposed hinges can amputate small fingers. Most companies offer free repair kits to fix these issues.
Cribs – since 2007, the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) has recalled 11 million cribs.  Last year, the CPSC issued new rules for manufacturers of cribs. Cribs must now be made of sturdier materials and must pass tougher product safety tests before they can be sold. Check your crib to make sure that it is properly assembled and that there are no gaps larger than two fingers between the sides of the crib and the mattress. If your crib has a drop-side, stop using it and see if a retrofitting kid is available from the manufacturer. Never use a crib that is more than ten years old.
Play yards – More than 2,100 accidents involving play yards have been reported to the CPSC. These incidents resulted in 170 injuries and 60 fatalities. In June, the CPSC approved new safety standards for all play yards. These include stricter testing including stability testing, entrapment testing, and floor strength testing as well as minimum side height requirements and latch-and-lock mechanisms. If you use a pack and play, play yard, or play pen, make sure that the mattress pad is well-attached and that you are not using any extra padding. Discontinue use if you notice any problems with the hinges.
Baby seats – Millions of Bumbo seats were recalled after more than 75 babies suffered head fractures when they arched their backs or rocked and tipped the seats over. If you have a Bumbo seat, make sure it includes a restraint belt. Never use it on a raised surface.
Check manufacturer web sites – Manufacturer websites are the best place to find information about recalls and safety alerts. You can also fill out online product registrations to have recall notices mailed or emailed to you.
If your child is injured by a defective children’s product, our Dallas product liability lawyers can help you get accountability and compensation through a Texas defective product lawsuit. To discuss your claim, contact Rasansky Law Firm at 1-877-405-4313.

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