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Workers’ compensation (often referred to as “worker’s compensation,” “workers comp,” or workman’s comp”) is a state-run, no-fault insurance program which provides injured employees with certain benefits, including partial reimbursement for lost wages. While this seems like a noble effort to help those injured in workplace accidents, it’s almost never enough to cover your true losses. Why should you accept less than 100% of your lost wages due to an accident that wasn’t your fault?
Employers like workers’ compensation insurance because it effectively shields them from personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits. If your employer has workers’ comp, you cannot sue them. Your only option is to go through the workers’ compensation claims process (except if gross negligence was involved). Texas is unique in that it allows employers to “opt-out” of the workers’ compensation program. Many employers will opt out, and then enact a program disguised to look like workers’ compensation in an attempt to fool their employees into thinking that they cannot sue. The best way to determine the status of your employer, and thus your legal options, is by calling a law firm who can verify with the Texas Department of Insurance.
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