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Bars (like all businesses) exist to make a profit. Left unregulated, bars will encourage more sales and more consumption of alcohol in order to make more profit. Unfortunately, serving people past the point of intoxication increases the number of drunk drivers on the road, putting others in the community at risk of serious injury or death.
Placing profit ahead of people’s lives is immoral and dangerous, and this is why these “dram shop” laws exist in almost every state. Serving alcohol is a responsibility, not a right, and the TABC has put in place very strict rules which all alcohol serving establishments must follow in order to protect the community. If a bar chooses to play by the rules, they are protected from dram shop lawsuits under what is known as the “trained server” defense. Unfortunately, many bars and restaurants simply choose to break the rules and press their luck.
When a bar, club, or restaurant ignores these rules and someone is injured or killed as a result, they open themselves up to liability and can be sued for their portion of responsibility in such an accident.
Do you believe a bar or restaurant may have overserved the person who caused your accident? Call our Dallas drunk driving accident lawyers. We can help you determine your legal options.

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