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You or a loved one was seriously injured by a doctor, nurse, or other medical professional. You KNOW that you are a victim of a medical error, you KNOW that a mistake was made, but a Texas medical malpractice attorney doesn’t want to take your case. Why?
There could be a number of reasons that an attorney might not wish to pursue your medical malpractice case – and there could be another law office that would gladly take your case. When deciding whether or not to work with a client, a law firm will often consider how much evidence there is to work with, how strong your case is overall, and whether or not the compensation you may recover is worth the price of going forward with the case. Medical malpractice cases can be expensive and emotionally difficult for everyone involved – in some cases, even if a medical error likely took place, it is not the best decision to move forward.
It is important to understand that all medical malpractice cases are different – and that we can’t answer your question until we’ve heard the details of your case. If you want to know if you may have a medical malpractice case, and even if another attorney has refused your case, we invite you to speak with our Texas medical malpractice lawyers for a second opinion. We offer victims of medical errors a free, private consultation in which we will discuss your case and your best options for action. Call today.

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