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by Jeff Rasansky -
Jeff Rasansky
Jeff Rasansky, managing partner of Rasansky Law Firm, is an aggressive Dallas personal injury lawyer with more than 25 years of legal experience.

Hospital mistakes are what medical malpractice attorneys look for when they are interviewing new clients. The malpractice attorney will need to know how the doctor treated you, whether or not their care was delivered up to acceptable standards and whether or not you are injured because of any potential negligence on their part. It will be up to a jury to determine whether or not negligence was a factor in your medical care. If it was, you may end up getting an award for your pain and suffering and for any financial damages you suffered. Before you get to the trial, however, you need to understand exactly what these attorneys will be trying to do.

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There are plenty of news stories out there about people getting huge jury awards because of being the victims of medical malpractice. In reality, not all of the jury awards given to people who have been victims of one form of medical negligence or another are particularly large. It depends on how much you suffered as a result of the medical negligence and on how much financial damage was actually done to you because of medical negligence. Not every case is going to be a multimillion dollar claim.

Medical negligence takes many different forms. In some cases, it’s simply a case where a patient was given the wrong treatment or where they were given a treatment in an incompetent fashion. In some instances, medical negligence involves not making the proper effort to diagnose a condition that ended up harming the patient. There are also egregious cases of medical negligence, such as botched surgeries or patients who are given the wrong medication and who end up being injured because of it.

Your attorney will have to decide whether or not they can help you based on the specifics of your case. In some cases, they will simply not be able to help you. In other cases, they will want to take on your lawsuit and want to represent you in court. The only way for you to find out which is the case in your particular situation is to speak with an attorney. Fortunately, it’s generally free to speak with an attorney about medical negligence and to find out whether or not they believe that they can help you by representing you in a court of law. There’s no guarantee you’ll win, but a good attorney certainly increases your chances.

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