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by Jeff Rasansky -
Jeff Rasansky
Jeff Rasansky, managing partner of Rasansky Law Firm, is an aggressive Dallas personal injury lawyer with more than 25 years of legal experience.

Medical misdiagnosis lawyers quite often end up representing people who file a case based on the doctor’s failure to diagnose a condition that they could have been expected to discover. In fact, these claims constitute almost half of the medical malpractice legal actions taken every year. Oftentimes, cases where a doctor failed to notice a condition quite easily meet the definition of medical malpractice.


Failure to Diagnose

When someone sues a doctor, they are generally claiming that the doctor somehow fail to deliver in terms of reasonably skilled care for their patient. Knowing how to diagnose conditions is something that doctors are expected to do. In some cases, not diagnosing a condition can cause the patient to come to great harm. For instance, if a doctor fails to diagnose diabetes and it progresses to the point where the person’s life is genuinely in danger and that person suffers because of it, there may be cause to take legal action.

There are also cases where a patient may actually end up suffering a fatal condition that they would’ve otherwise avoided if the doctor had rendered a proper diagnosis. These include cases, for example, where a patient may show up with a stage I cancer that isn’t diagnosed and that ends up progressing very quickly to stage III or IV cancer when it’s very unlikely that they can be cured.

Talking to a Medical Misdiagnosis Lawyer

When you decide to talk to a lawyer about filing a medical malpractice claim, they will need to sit down with you and determine whether or not you are actually talking about malpractice or simply dissatisfaction with the services rendered to you by a doctor. There are plenty of cases where patients believe that they have been the victims of malpractice when nothing of the sort has actually happened. For example, they may just deal with a doctor who has poor bedside manner or who seems to not take enough time with them but who renders excellent care.

Suing a doctor can be a very intimidating process. Logically, most people feel quite outmatched when it comes to disagreeing with their doctor about medical matters. A good attorney, however, will have access to experts who can make sure that you don’t end up being intimidated out of suing a doctor that failed to live up to their duties to you and that caused you real harm because of the fact that they failed to render care that was characterized by ordinary skill.

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